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Kazishakar 2 years ago
The DOJ report confirms nothing of the OP, i.e. How globalists plan to exterminate 90 of the human race etc. pp. If you can prove anything from the OP we can discuss that, until then the OP is tinfoil fantasy.
Nitaur 2 years ago
Cant suck it because it's too big but takes him testicles deep after lol
Goltilkree 2 years ago
Dick sucking instant thumbs down.
Meztirr 2 years ago
we'll give you one conservative if you offset it with two judges that make both of us look like staunch conservatives. There's a deal I can refuse without even getting out of bed. besides, they are still the minority party and will be butting heads with the new Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Graham 2.0
Tuzshura 2 years ago
May I get permission to fuck you bitch ?

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